Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, hello, hello, my monthly flu is here. Of all 31 days in the month of June, my body chose yesterday to succumb to these 'microculprits'. Nonetheless, that wasn't the reason I saw the cute Chinese doc yesterday. I decided to put an end to this constant pain on my shoulder. Setiap masa pun mahu rasa panas dan menyucuk di bahu, eden jadi bongang. So that doc was surprised that the previous one who checked my shoulder refused to give me a referal letter for it to be scanned. Alhamdulillah, he gave me one yay! He said the pain is not supposed to last more than a few weeks, but it's already almost a year, and this sensation seems as if it's here to stay. He suspected something is wrong with my shoulder girdle hence referred me to orthopaedic dept of HUSM apart from having me under muscle relaxents. Sonang eden nak tido. Ayah wanted me to go to SJMC tapi tak dapek nak nolong, satgi balik Kelate nk buat follow up gano? Well anyway I hope nothing's serious. Saya selalu ada jodoh dengan penyakit, tapi Alhamdulillah penyakit yang remeh saja :D Jeah, harap2 tak perlu sakit bahu lagi selepas ini. Painkiller berlambak, tapi aku tamau makan. Kemudian hari ginjal gagal angpa baru tau. Setakat sikit, tahanlah, sis.

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