Thursday, July 1, 2010

and yezzaaaa and noo ahhhh

Yezza because Al-Fakher answered my call through Dz, Hanif, Azie, Ishrat, Ashraf, and Aqasha bahahahaha! It was like a mini reunion with Kimi, Faiz, and a few other friends tagging along later. But I guess I shouldn't have gone to Carlos's just now because I had to put up a healthier face and went back sweating like crap, I honestly thought I was going to faint as I fell down halfway to the massage chair and crawled my way to it like... uhm, it wasn't a nice scene, let's stop here. Self-induced-oxygen-deprivation. Ah ha. I shall not do that next time... but well, anything according to the reward center in my brain.

And nooooo because the Japan team was kicked out of World Cup. Argh, E-Honda. Argh, Tulio. Argh, Inamoto. Argh, Kawashima. Argh, bla bla bla. Guess what, I just found out that Nakata have started his own clothing line gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ok thank you.

Doc gave me something containing a chemical of amphetamine class. So I'm up till now... although I slept for 17 hours the day before yesterday. And I think my prefrontal and frontal cortex are functioning way better than before.

Here's a random thought - "Lagi best kalau hafal Naruto kan?", said Hanif and blarghhhh there went my mood, into the drain. I can't grasp the reason I just can't can't can't memorize the bass tab of Raising Fighting Spirit. The earlier part of the song is easy to memorize but the few repetitions in the middle and at the end is somehow hard for me to nail them into my grey and white matters.

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