Sunday, July 4, 2010

angin kuat

Vvvvvvvmmmm dshhhh! The clock showed that it was 8.15am, "... do not switch on your handphone until you have entered the terminal building...". Oh, I'm here already. I'm in Kelantan already, time to play things more seriously........................ but all of these happened yesterday. It's 1.27am already which means Sunday is finally here. For those living in Kelantan, Kedah, and Terengganu, today is the day one has to start moving his lazy arse.

The day before yesterday was crazy. I had been living a very sedentary life for almost a week already due to upper respiratory tract infection, elective assignments, and etc. So I have decided that my final day of this oh-so-long holiday shall be filled with the usual stuff I had been doing. A bit of everything. I was a bit emotional the day before, therefore I took a wee bit too much of meds and wasn't able to think straight throughout the day. But a promise is a promise even if it's to oneself. Went out to get a few stuff as well as groceries with Umi from noon till late in the evening. After Maghrib, I started to pack my stuff which totalled up to an astounding 23kg thanks to Mr. Frontman (my amplifier). Did a little bit touch ups on my elective report till 11pm. Fetched Akam up at Shah Alam and to no one's amazement, I got lost. Blargh. So anyway in the end we both reached SS15 around midnight. Akam had his supper and me finally getting my syeesha dose and teh o panas tarak gula macam biasa. Well that's when things started to get more hazy. I couldn't syeesha as much as I usually do! WTF! WTH! WHATTAGWANNN! 45 minutes later, headed to Sys Ex Studio where I jammed with Ariff, Hanif, and Kamal. Forehead got sweaty, neck felt cold, vision was unfocused, was about to enter blackout. Had to excuse myself for 10minutes, which I regretted later. Hanif looked at Akam, "Weh, kau belikan ah air untuk dia". Thanks, guys, and again I'm so sorry for it. Jammed Naruto, Almost Easy, Afterlife, and Love Drunk. Headed to Forum19 in SS14 Petaling Jaya to watch one of the most exciting football matches in my life - Ghana versus Uruguay. Akam and I guessed Uruguay would win, Ariff and Kamal guessed the opposite would happen. Later I said to Akam again, "If it's down to penalty, Ghana's gonna lose this". They lost. Feet started to feel cold and head started to get sweaty, had to rest my head on the table. Had to surrender the syeesha to Akam again. Pulse rate jumped high again, nearly 150/min again. Damn. Had to lie down. Head was throbbing, started to gasp for breath again, and still, forced myself to stay awake, have to watch this match, have to watch it, have to watch it. Holiday was about to end. Match ended 5.00am+. Sent Akam back and reached home at 5.45am. Headed to airport at 6.05am, the queue was very long. Thought that it was better when I reached the airport just in the nick of time as before. 6.30am, hugged and kissed Umi, tried to persuade her to come to Kelantan since Ahmad's not studying there anymore. 7.00am the plane started to taxi. My heart felt heavy, I wore the same jacket I wore since the day before (but I bathed alright), shut my eyes tightly, trying to hold to every bit of moments I had during the holiday before those memories were grabbed away from me. Alhamdulillah, most of them are still here, lying somewhere in my brain.

Today I lifted the monitor of my laptop. It entered standby mode before that, ran out of battery. My display screen was as shown above. It felt awkwardly silent. It felt as if I was thrown to the moon and had to watch everyone else enjoying themselves on earth from far away. This very second as I resume this entry which I had left unfinished for a day, I'm finally gathering myself once again. Jijah is here. Yana is here. Ah Beh is here. My coursemates are here. Kerol and Fikri are here (for WC matches of course). I have another life here. A very different one. Be strong and cope with everything, I said to myself. It'll be okay. You did well before, go and do better!

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