Thursday, July 1, 2010

i'm old, soon i'm gonna have a hunchback

I like sugarless tea since about ten years ago when I tasted sugarless cold green tea at Sushi King. I like almost sugarless espressos and I like them dark with no creamer added at all since I shared a cup of it with my late Tok Ayah when I was four years old. I like instant noodles with thick gravy since I was standard two when Wani and Kak Dayang played a prank on me during one night - I left the stove on and my curry instant noodle dried. I like Kinder Bueno more than any other brands/type of chocolate since observing Kishie's addiction to it. I like kuey teow goreng mamak since... I could recall my memory. I like bubur lambuk, only the one that is cooked by Umi, Kak Jannah, or myself (we all share the same recipe turun-temurun) also since I could recall my meory. I like ayam masak cili padi since I ate it for the first time during Kak Liza's wedding reception about ten years ago. I like nasi ayam since I recovered from major depression (I never liked it before). I like D'Village's sup belut since Jijah introduced it to me a couple of years ago in Kelantan. I like Kak Ina's ikan keli goreng, only hers not others since 7-8 years ago when Umi first bought me one. I like kampung-style nasi lemak since I can recall my memory. I like pears since kindergarten because it is the only fruit that's usually sweet instead of sour.

Can I try all of them before going back to Kelantan the day after tomorrow?

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door. I hate to wake my brain up to say 'you've gotta start moving your arse'"...

"I reach towards the sky, I've said my goodbyes, my heart's always with you now, Subang"...

Cis, nak melayan perasaan lebih, padahal di Kelantan nanti kejap sahaja mula lupa dunia dan dalam masa dua bulan insya Allah kalau saya siap kerja cepat, saya boleh balik cuti untuk beberapa hari. Goodbye, oh, my longest holiday ever before I die.

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