Thursday, July 29, 2010

selamat hari jadi :) a year older, thousands of times wiser

Selamat hari jadi, dua kawanku yang cantik dan handsome - Elly Elinna Fauzi Lai (21st) dan Azizul Hassan (22nd).

May both of you become great people in each other's respective field as well as succeed in this life and afterlife :)

Today, I did my very first class I tooth-coloured restoration on a patient and Alhamdulillah, I did it pretty well. See, I had been running away from this type of restoration particularly because the moisture control needed for this procedure is the highest among all restorations - as I can recall :P This is mainly on posterior teeth where the saliva may bathe everything in just a few seconds (since patient was in a slightly propped up position). I lost count of the number of cotton rolls and gauzes used during the procedure and wasn't so sure when I inserted the articulation paper into her mouth. Was very worried of high bites and Alhamdulillah, her articulation was good :) Alhamdulillah again for being granted a very cooperative patient. Thanks, dear :) Do you know how playful I can get during practicals?

So anyway, just recently, I adopted a younger brother whose nickname is Daus (and I don't adopt kids just for simple reasons because it is a pretty sacred thing to me and because of this principle, I had to ask his family members' consent), with his mother's consent (I asked for consent regarding this too so don't worry much about me breaking rules). Yes, my very strongest man. I promised to visit him last evening but since I was doing treatment plans for such a long time for my patient, I missed that chance. So I told him about it and promised to visit him this afternoon instead. He replied, "Ok, adik akan tunggu", which was quite rare of him. He usually replies me with an "Ok", and just a few words following that. So I'm feeling guilty till now :( Everytime negative emotions hover around me, a simple SMS from him such as, "Akak watpe?", makes my day happier and you can see me smiling to myself at that time. I hope to see him grow up and bloom - just the way he makes our hearts bloom at the sight of his smile. But this makes me think of a few more things. This sorta things should come with a few responsibilities. Will I be able to be by his side when he needs me? How much can my presence help or make his day better? Even now with my hectic schedule, I could only visit him about twice to thrice per week, what more once I become a dental officer soon, insya Allah? Hopefully I'll be a very good DO and perhaps manage him as my patient :) Well anyway, I gotta get some sleep before seeing him in 10 hours time, with Allah's will. It feels so good to once again have a family member near me :') And Allah sends messages and aids to me in so many unexpected and amazing ways. You can see them if you really ponder and look for them, insya Allah. Nanti kena melukis chun-chun kasi lu tergamam punya, Adik.

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Elly Elinna said...

thanks Z for the surprise. :)