Friday, August 27, 2010

pay attention to the details, Zahirah!

So I was palpating (a medical mumbo jumbo for pressing on any body part in order to detect any mass in the body) a patient who was diagnosed with acute cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder). The rule a doctor or just any human being should always abide, "Do no harm", well I guess I forgot about it for awhile during that very bedside teaching session, conducted by a surgeon in HRPZ II, Mr. Imi Sairi. While I was pressing on my patient's legs to detect ankle oedema, I did ask her to alert me if she ever felt any pain, but I forgot to actually pay attention to her facial expression while doing so. Suddenly, my head felt light and it turned towards the patient. "Hoh... why... why is my head turning to the left? Why... why is there a hand on top of my head?", I asked silly questions to myself. It turned out that Mr. Imi was the culprit. He said, "Tengok muka patient tu", while grinning. The whole group laughed. If it's indeed soil that I was standing on, I might have buried my head into the ground, like an ostrich does.

Had a general dental practical session in the polyclinic the day before yesterday. I'm so grateful for doing better than before. I really think I should get more serious in pursuing my goals instead of fooling around like I always do. I wonder if I am good enough to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon. I wonder if I am good enough to even become a dental officer. Questions, questions, and questions, but none of them are beneficial if we don't act quick enough to retrieve their answers.

In two weeks time, hari raya eid ul fitr shall arrive, insya Allah. For the very first time in my life, I won't be breaking my last fast in this year together with my family... a very sad thing indeed. Our request to bring the surgery exam forward is still on pending state. Well anyway, I don't expect to get to celebrate every eid ul fitr with my family, but that's a sacrifice I need to make for the future. Insya Allah it'll be worthy.

I guess I forgot that lecturers are human too. It surprised me when I found out Ayah has a Facebook account, but it amazed me more when I found out even my lecturers have one. Profile networking websites do make good tools for keeping in touch with family and pals, but it serves as a very very radical tool which pulls our eyes off the books too. That's why I find it annoying to see anyone complaining about having lack of time when his/her nickname always displays that green circle icon. Who are you trying to kid?

Here's a reminder for myself (and for you out there who bother to read this): Don't massage any lump (unless perhaps a swelling due to let's say a sprained ankle, but even in this case only compression against the swelling is required). I was in the operation theater a few days ago to watch Mr Imi perform hemithyroidectomy (partial removal of thyroid including its isthmus). The procedure was complicated by adhesion of the thyroid to surrounding structures. Fine fibers which looked like hair surrounded the patient's thyroid and these fibers need to be peeled layer by layer. The reason being vital or important structures may be concealed in them and they might be accidentally cut off during the procedure if those strand were not removed. In the case of this patient, he had massaged his lump too much. That's why it happened. So be careful in the future, aight.

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