Saturday, August 21, 2010

rotten teeth

6 small jars of extracted teeth kept 3 months in the store, finally cleaned and gathered, resting peacefully on a shelf.

I am seriously nauseated right now. There were freaky slime oozing out of two of the jars. All of them released such smell that if I didn't know better, I might think my brain had rotted. My eyes felt as if they were burning in reaction to the fume and all my hair was on its end. Even the neighbours who came into the toilet at such unfortunate timing ran out, displaying a very disgusted facial expression. Pang and I even wore double-layered latex gloves. Used a very generous amount of bleach and detergent, hoping all the microorganism would die for the good of everyone :P

Oh yeah, I forgot to write about yet another addition to my little life - a pair of spectacles. Despite that picture of me with a gleam, I don't find specs to be convenient, especially since they keep sliding of my nose bridge, makes me dizzy when I don't need them (during bright daylight), need to be taken care of, and etc. However, I don't really fancy another incident of nearly banging a car as happened a few weeks before. Another accident is the last thing I need right now, and so I think.

This noon, I did a little bit of car cleaning and boy did I find so many rubbish at the back, so many dust and sand too, so many that they angered me so much. Well it's okay if it's once or twice but do you think I'm a cleaner or your personal maid who picks up your junks for free? Even if you pay me a million bucks, it won't change a thing! So the next time I find out that the same thing happens, you're going to pay for your action. So don't get mad if I sputter rude words. This is the common problem when you give so many people rides, you don't really know who did it, but you're stuck with a jumble of junks! Blood-sucking leeches and parasites. I'm going to make you pay for it. I'm not kidding. Or if it happens when I'm not in a very good mood, I might chase you out of my car. I even brush the sands off my shoes when I ride on others' car, why can't you at least throw away your junk instead of leaving it in my car as if it's a gigantic dustbin. No respect, no respect at all. Don't use people to your own convenience, we can see right through you, but we chose to keep ourselves silent. Here's the line. Ok dah lari tajuk.

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