Sunday, August 1, 2010

seize my day

I woke up so late last Friday that I almost missed seeing Daus in HKB along with Pang and Jijah (thanks, both of you, for accompanying me :') ). So the three of us were out of idea on the gift we should bring him this time, something that can actually stimulate his mind. Then, I recalled Wani telling me that she bought me a Mont Marte sketch set and I thought, "Hey, why not? But, I'm not posh enough to buy him such expensive things, not to mention they aren't available here in Kelantan -_-" ". So we bought him a few stuff instead and surprised him at the ward. He usually sleeps during noon (but that depends on his health status), but on that day, I saw him sitting and peering around from far away. "Ok, Daus akan tunggu", he did send me that message and yes, he kept his words. Even an ill little kid knows the importance of keeping a promise, it amazes me how so many perfectly fine adults fail to do so time and time again.

When you put two cartoon freaks together, you get these (he drew the Togemon while I drew the Terriermon and that awek):

And he said to me, "Daus tak pandai lukis, akak ajarlah" (or something like this) before. Kau tipu aku ye, Daus. But before we coloured them up, I captured a pencil sketch of his Togemon. So I said to him that this shall be edited, digitalized, and coloured using computer. So here's the result:

My very first attempt at colouring + toning using Adobe Photoshop

I'm not gonna lie. I'm satisfied with the result :) I'm still a noob at this, but hey, practice makes perfect. To learn that he's eating more by day - that's priceless. Can't do much about the amount of food everytime he takes his meal, but he's eating more frequently than before. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah :)

Ah haa, talking of which, Wani, I've already received your gift from Syafiq~~ Gyaaaa, hontouni cool ni, you never failed to surprise me! I so so so want to try using it, but, but, but... sayang gyaaaa~ Imma find more tutorials on sketches so I won't waste it, insya Allah. And did I tell this - she's getting married to Syafiq this 25th September? Yes, she is, insya Allah!! Another happy news. Oh how merciful and graceful The Ultimate Creator is to all of us. Thank you, Wani :'D

Now talking of my biological younger brother, Ahmad. Dia sungguh sibuk sekarang. I wonder if I'll get the opportunity to teach him anatomy before this hols ends. Itulah adik kandung yang seorang, perangai dan perwatakannya sangat berlainan daripada kami bertiga (saya, Along, dan Wani). May he bloom beautifully, amiiin...

I want to write more but the eyes aren't permitting me to do so. Besides, Mel's brother, Rossi's wedding reception will be held in approximately 8 hours. I'm gonna get shot dead by Mel and Anith if I turn up late AGAIN. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!

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