Monday, August 2, 2010

the synonym of strange

Faith shouldn't be put in one's hand so easily... should it?

Disappointment by disappointment, when shall I give up on this? At times, I find this part of me which hardly gives up on anything exhausting. Have you heard of "Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go", by Herman Hesse? No, I don't hold to this principle much which comes at a cost - putting the emotions at stake, hence I frequently feel sad although some of the things I work on end well. Nonetheless I usually transform it into a motivation and strive for more. That's why this face usually displays enthusiastic expressions but later at night all the emotions earlier just swarm me - that's why I worry staying up till late at night. To be able to sleep early is just - oh so relaxing. While others take pride on staying up late, I don't.


I just can't digest those words of yours. See that locus of radio-opacity in the shape of inverted triangle near the vertex of my skull? That's your ego knocking into my head, so bluntly. But it's okay, hopefully it'll heal with time, like it usually does. I always try my best for you, just as I do for others, and yet, you only notice my faults and none of my contributions.

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