Sunday, August 15, 2010

t o l

It seems like only a few of us are trying to make the best out of what seems to be a history already.

I have my own disappointing moments, but I always try my best to let you feel at ease. I don't tell them out not because I don't trust you, rather it's because I keep getting, "I went through worse. You have went through so little in comparison" in return. If one day, I too, leave your side... trust me, I have tried my best but because you rarely put yourself in my shoes, I doubt you will understand this when the time comes. My loyalty and patience have their limit. And you're well close to crossing that line. Tetapi, seperti selalu... mesti kamu melatah jika kamu terasa lepas ni. Saya tak berniat jahat. Ini hanya rasa kecewa saya.

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