Saturday, August 28, 2010

wes kumat arghhh

As usual (not), I was rearranging my stuff for tomorrow's posting in surgery department, until suddenly, I noticed something to be absent from my view - a very very very important small blue book - my surgery logbook!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!! The above is just an exaggeration on how I actually acted as I ran downstairs to search for it in my car and it was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! So I ran upstairs once again and found it sandwiched between my Clinical Medicine by Kumar and Clark and Physical Examination by Tally O'Connor textbooks. Alhamdulillah! Jantungku bagai nak tercabut. Pericardial sac dah get ready nak let go dah ni. Then I sat in front of my desk, feeling very lightheaded and wrote this entry. Macam takda kerja lain nak buat.

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