Thursday, September 9, 2010

dalam hening Subuh

This Maghrib shall mark the start of the month of Syawal, insya Allah. After Isya', Yiying, Poisze, and I shall embark on our journey back home. Upon reaching Subang, Along, Kak Su (his wife), and I shall head to Rembau and sleep there for a night. The next destination in our itinerary shall be Kampong Semaloi, Endau, Johore, where my kampong is :) All with Allah's will.

This raya marks a few important events in my life - My very first time of going to kampong in the morning of eid mubarak. Umi, Ayah, and Ahmad are already on their way to Kampong Semaloi this Subuh. It's my first year of communicatin with my parents less, not because I'm happy things are this way, but because I've gotten way busier than the first 3 years in degree in doctor of dental surgery. Besides, Ayah doesn't really allow me to bug him all the time, but he's always there when I need him. I tell Umi almost everything that I got clueless the next time I call her, so the comparatively longer duration of not calling both of them provides me with more topics to talk about. This raya shall be my very first time of visiting Tok Abah's grave. May his soul rest in peace and all his sins to be forgiven by Allah. And finally, Wani will not be there with us since she's in Australia, pursuing her dreams. May Allah bless you. Take care, sis.

I have learnt numerous lessons during this Ramadhan. It has been quite disturbing on how much I have badmouthed a number of people I used to despise (in comparison to the previous years), I have decided that... if I can't modify the cause of this very disgustful habit (apart from myself), I shall avoid them. If I can't hold my stand strong and get too influenced with my surroundings, I shall avoid the predisposing factors. If I feel sad just because a few friends wouldn't except my stance, I always have other friends to rely on. I have to make my choice. In the meantime, appreciate everything that I currently have and let go some of the things/people for the better of life and afterlife. However, bear in mind, never cut off any silaturrahim. In this context, avoiding does not directly mean cutting any tie off anyone. Just be more subtle.

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Miss Aida said...

Selamat hari raya Ira. :)