Friday, September 3, 2010


Just got back from my dear friend, Mus's birthday celebration. I wish you all the best in life as well as afterlife, dude. And I honestly think you have changed a lot and you're a way better person now :)

Selamat hari jadi juga kepada adik angkat tunggalku, Muhammad Firdaus. Semoga Daus semakin sihat dan membesar dengan gembira sekali. Amin.

Weekend is here, and eid ul-fitr shall arrive in less than a week, insya Allah :) I wish I can persuade my heart to forgive although it's quite hard to forget a few people and I wish all my wrongdoings shall be forgiven by all. What a selfish wish, but oh well... Maaf zahir dan batin ya, kalian. Minta halalkan makan dan minum saya kalau ada tak tersengaja atau sengaja hahaha :D

Thousands and thousands of thanks to my kind friend, Dr Hisham, for helping me with my wisdom teeth. I only helped tuning your acoustic guitar but you did so much more in return. Sorry for all the trouble I have caused you.

It's only 2.30am and my eyes are already half closed, I'm quite sure you can't tell whether I'm having ptosis or not. My schedule is getting packed than ever. Although it's already weekend, all of us here don't necessarily get to rest. Shall be going to HRPZ II tomorrow to clerk more patients and send the car for servicing which I had put on hold for so long because on Friday, absolutely, absolutely all workshops are closed. Sayangnya nak tidur awal, jarang-jarang dapat tidur lewat tanpa rasa bersalah atau saja-saja sebab mahu berhibur. I was supposed to finish writing case write-up yesterday, but it turned out that my patient was not having uncomplicated urinary stone. Speaking of which... I went through a few investigations this week. Firstly, I had a kidney ureter bladder (KUB) ultrasound done. It turned out that my previous urinary tract infection was not resolved. In fact my bladder wall is now more than twice its normal thickness - cystitis. I did finish all antibiotics that was prescribed previously, but the surgeon said my immunity is not that good. That's why I keep getting infections here and there. And recently I noticed a midline lump I've been having since a year ago had grown larger. But I have consulted so many times, and again, they kept giving me antibiotics. I have finished all of them but the lump is still here. Very annoying instead. Makin terserlah lah double chin aku macam ni hahha. Ah, my brain is sending continuous signals to bring this body to sleep. I gotta sleep now. Wassalam.

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alala..comelnyer..hepi besday~