Monday, September 13, 2010

does raya bring out the worst in you?

This year's Eid Ul-Fitr celebration was exhausting but it was worth the effort and visiting both of my kampongs (one in Muar/JB and another one in Endau-Rompin, Johor) blew all my tiredness away. Ironically, instead of consulting my relatives about dentistry-related stuff, I somehow became a part-time psychologist. But let's put that aside first, since I'm not really in the mood to write joyous stuff right now.

Let's start with the final week of my posting in surgery department of HRPZ II. Of the 3 adult surgical wards, two of them are meant for men (ward 30 and 29) and another one is for ladies (ward 28). Not surprisingly, almost half of the patients in ward 30 were admitted due to motor-vehicle accidents (MVA). Most probably due to current festive season. I drove Ayah, Umi, and Ahmad home from Muar. A reason to have both Smart Tag AND Touch 'n' Go lanes in a same toll plaza is to reduce congestion - even a pre-school kid understands this very very simple and primitive concept. Then there's this stuck up smart alec, driving a Merc C350 glided through a long queue behind a Touch n Go lane and tried to cut the line. It's sort of understandable if there was only one TnG lane, but there were FOUR altogether and he skipped about 10 cars. Obviously those drivers wouldn't let him in since they had queued for so long already. So he decided to act all smart by entering the Smart Tag lane without giving any signal and boy he was fast and I was quite fast too since the lane was supposedly vacant all the way. Didn't bother to put up a 'thanking hand signal'. Winded down and so many Plus staffs gathered around that car and asked us to stay put. Sempat berborak lagi ni. I don't give a freaking damn if you're a CEO or CUCKOO, if it's a rule, then it is.

Then there's a guy driving Proton Exora kept shifting between lanes although the distance between the car and the adjacent vehicles was less than 0.5 meter. No apologies or whatsoever, only a burning cigarette in his left hand, a poker face, and a few glares. I think I should have bricks in my car the next time so that I can throw them at anytime I like.

Then there are a handful of people using the emergency lane, even two ambulances that passed by didn't have the chance to use it. Selfish bastards. Lu baru minta maaf pada semua orang masa raya ni, lagi lu buat hal. Tak makan saman ah lu. Simpan maaf lu dalam poket ja la. Gua tak heran. Lepas ni lu tak payah berlagak hairan atau kesian lah kalau baca berita pasal kemalangan.

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Hakam said...

attitude bangsa kite..xkn berubah..