Saturday, September 18, 2010

farewell, brother

These couple of days have been a busy time for our family. Wani just came back from Aus and now Ahmad's in KLIA, about to fly to Egypt. Me, myself, I just flew back to Kelantan. That means I'm not sending Ahmad off and this is very heartbreaking for me. After all these years, I had always been there during moments I consider important to me - Along's engagement and wedding reception, Wani's engagement, Ayah's minor operation, and quite a number of other occasions, but this time, my one and only biological younger brother is flying to somewhere so far away to further his studies in medicine without me bidding him farewell (face to face). As I checked in at Subang airport, I headed to a toilet and cried there. I almost missed my flight since it was brought about 15 minutes forward. Nonetheless, as I reminded myself again and again, Allah knows every bit of sadness in our heart. Everything happens for at least a reason. See you next raya then, Ahmad. Take care, I love you so much, more than you can ever imagine. I wish you nothing but the best throughout your journey in this life as well as afterlife.

I was about to sleep when Ahmad called me a few minutes ago. And hey, here I am, back to sitting behind my desk, writing an entry just to calm myself down. All these while, I had been quite content in Kelantan knowing that I have a close relative (as a matter of fact, I'm closest to him) nearby until the day he came back home and entered Intec and I told myself, "Zahirah, it's time for you to be more independent, especially when it comes to emotions". Regardless how sad I am, I have to do my part too. I have to study well and get my DDS. As usual, this too shall pass and to stride forward is the only option now.

Ahmad bin Abdul Rahim, selamat jalan dan challenge those smart alecs! :D

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