Monday, September 6, 2010

hontouni hareita yo

I am so hungry perhaps because it's quite cold right now. It's raining, Alhamdulillah :) I love it when monsoon season is here, but no, now is not the time yet. Today, I met with Daus's whole family for the first time. I have a foster father who's very good at cooking (broke today's fast together with them today, had white rice with udang goreng, kerabu terung for the first time in my life, keladi masak air, ketam kecil goreng, and ayam masak kicap, gyaaa sedap, tapi segan makan banyak tee hee). I have a very dedicated foster mother. I have a foster sister who's the same age as mine (but looks way younger of course mwuu) and two younger foster brothers who share the same craze for comics with me :) Oh how long has it been since I last tasted home-cooking :'( Now, finally, I am longing for Subang :'( I'm flying back on raya eve and will be going to Kampong Semaloi on the morning of raya. Alhamdulillah Along sanggup tunggu aku kerana Umi dan Ayah bertolak ke sana dahulu. *lagu raya mula berputar dalam otak, tapi air mata tak meleleh pun*

With all the shops playing raya songs over and over again (which they had started doing since the past fortnight!!) and today's conversation about Kampung Semaloi (my village :D) and Mersing with Abah (how I address Daus's father) made me miss kampong a lot. Mesti banyak kena periksa gigi balik ni.

Come to think of it, although I get to celebrate this raya with my biological brother, Ahmad, I won't get to send him off :'((( Very... sad. "Ahmad, aku tak dapat hantar kau bila kau nak blah pergi Mesir. Mwuuu, sedihhhhh. Kau dah nak balik Subang dah pula ni", I whined at him at the airport when he was about to fly back to Subang from Kota Bharu recently. He simply replied, "Eleh, nanti raya jumpa juge". Tak sensitif betul budak ni. Harap-harap Ahmad belanja tengok wayang balik nanti BEHEHEHE! Itulah motifnya aku tolak tawaran belanja Hot & Rollnya masa di lapangan terbang hari tu. Wani dan Syafiq pun dah nak nikah 25 September ini. Masa majlis perkahwinan Along awal tahun ni saja aku dah puas kena tembak dengan soalan sama, "Adiknya pula bila?". Waduh, bu' sama bapaknya, gwe kan wes ngomongei sama kalian. Gwe lain sedikit. Oh well, who knows what shall happen in the future. Only Allah knows every single thing. Hm.

Come to think of it too, this is my last week of posting in surgery department of HRPZ II (well who knows if I'll return here once in awhile as an oral maxillofacial surgeon bahahah, masuk bakul terbang sendiri). What an emotional week it is. Had four great weeks of surgery posting with so many great lecturers, surgeons, docs, friends, staffs, and patients. Mr Tarmizi, Mr Imi, Mr Azam (yang juga diberi nama timangan 'Zam Zam handsome' oleh coursemate saya yang chun, Shipeng), Mr Zaidi, Mr Ng Szehow, Mr Othman, Ms Suraya, Mr Anas, Mr Nik, Dato' Hasyim, Mr Ahmad, Dr Fazlimy, Mr Raflis, Dr Mazwan, Dr Hisyam, thank you. Thank you for all of the extremely valuable lessons, advices, experience, and guidance. I'm thinking of writing an entry just for memorable moments with them - which usually exhibit my silliness, but hey, a mistake is really a mistake if you don't bother to correct them (Zahirah et al, 2010). But I'd also like to write about my posting in radiology department of HUSM... and also during paediatric posting in HRPZ II. I want to write so much but am too lazy currently.

I should really get back to completing my case write-up which is only ~60% complete currently. There goes my break - no rest for these wrists. Am I asking for carpal tunnel syndrome?

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