Sunday, September 26, 2010

so what if i

Back in Kelantan, I am, Master Yoda.

Today...... I am so tired I feel like crying, literally.

My flight was supposed to depart at 7am, but it was brought forward to 6.45am, but it's okay, Along and I arrived just in time. 6.40am, I was about to let go all of my byproducts until my bag decided to give its way to gravity and "Plop!", my handphone slid into the toilet bowl. Thank Allah, I grabbed it fast. This might sound disgusting, but my flight was the first one of the day and no one used the toilet yet, Alhamdulillah again. I made a promise to Dato' Dr Rosemy - our coordinator for general medicine posting - that I'll arrive at 8.30am, but I had to break it and thank Allah again, he was very understanding this time. He said, "I faham, you tak payah datang awal atau seminar, tapi make sure doctor in charge of ward you tahu, okay", and since Ese's the one he was talking about, it wasn't exactly difficult to clear things out with him. Called the shop and they said there's not much damage done on my handphone. Alhamdulillah again.

Dear auto watch got broken a few weeks ago and since it's warranted with an international warranty, we had to send it to Tissot HQ to for repair. I find it ridiculous since pricey stuff should come with good and accessible service, but oh well. Things aren't that way.

I want to upload so many pics from Wani & Syafiq's wedding reception, but...... dear handphone is away for awhile - for good. Will have to wait for 3 days. I want to tell so many things about the wedding, and congratulations, Wani and Syafiq. The wedding went well :) Tunggu handphone kejap.

I haven't gotten enough sleep for countless of days already and I'm not that type of person who takes naps during noon or evening, so I couldn't recover those missed hours of sleep. I was so disoriented that I didn't notice a tooth with composite restoration filling during previous general dental practice session. Today, again, I became disoriented and asked my patient stupid questions. I didn't even get to completely clerk all seven patients as I usually do. And yay, I have a presentation to make tomorrow, but thank God it's a fairly narrowed topic, so I should not face much difficulty at preparing it. Today I didn't get to have a decent meal until this evening. Perut penuh dengan Ricola Spearmint saja. Waduh, borborhygmi saja. Harap-harap diberi Allah kekuatan untuk menyiapkan semua kerja dengan cemerlang. Once you start something, finish it and give your best at it. I hate people who do things halfway or half-heartedly.

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