Saturday, September 18, 2010

stomach ache

Hwarghhh, URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), you visit me every single month without failing, aren't you bored of doing so? Go away, go away. I have lots of things to do today, geddit?

This is weird. It isn't easy for me to wake up from sleep and it's way harder for one to attempt at inducing me on it, but somehow, I woke up after barely 2 hours of sleep and the bed felt as if it was vibrating O_O! Well, not exactly vibrating. It was more of like shaking up and down... okay, I give up on explaining this. My whole body appeared flushed. Pulse rate is around 110/minute. My temperature spiked for awhile but it's reducing again now. I wonder if I should seek medical attention. Hwargh, nanti dapat antibiotics lagi. Maleh ambo. Sekali mula makan kena kasi habis. Oh well, let's just wait and see. If it worsens then I'll go to a clinic in Pengkalan Chepa.

16th September 2010 marks the day Wiki, Mus, Kucheng, and I having our annual raya celebration together. Visited five houses altogether - Kucheng, Wiki, Anith, Fahmi @ Jamboo, and finally Mus's house. However, I had more fun this year, thanks to Wiki who was willing to drive us around instead of the usual me yippeeeee~ but that's just because I told him I'm too sick to drive (padahal pagi tu tiba-tiba jadi sihat hoho). Makan sampai perut nak pecah. I lost 3kgs during fasting month and gained one back during this one week of eid. Hwarghhhh. Hilang susah, dapat senang. Oh well, at least I still have food to gobble on, I should be grateful. Talking about Wiki, I can't hold myself from talking about this again and again. Can't believe he parked beside a petrol pump every single time he drove to a petrol station (thrice on that day). He didn't intend to fill up his tank, mind you. I wonder why didn't anyone chase him away. Had a great great time that day. Oh yeah, another different event - this time, we came to Mus's house INVITED. tee hee hee, but let's keep the rest of the facts to ourselves.

I want to sleep I want to sleep I want to sleep.

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liyana said...

what do u mean by 'the rest of the fact'?