Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the vicious cycle

At no surprise, I'm still completing my case write-up. Here's what usually happen when I'm doing so - break the fast, menjalankan kewajipan, Facebook, start completing case write-up, each segment means one break lasting usually 15-30minutes (depends on my sleepiness), sit by the window, doing one of my favourite activities, intip orang di wing sebelah, then resume completing my case write-up, and the cycle goes on and on. Macam manalah tak makan 2-3 hari untuk setiap case write-up?

Turned my head to my right. Oh... how messy my bed is. So many books on it, very untidy bedsheet, and so many clothes to be folded neatly. It rained again tonight, Alhamdulillah :) My upper eyelashes are starting to rain against my lower eyelashes. 'Ptosis' kembali gagaga. It turned out that my plane shall depart at around 10.30pm, this Thursday. Habislah aku kena hamburan Umi because I initially told here it'll be around 9pm, but see... she knows even my deepest secrets, so I shouldn't hesitate on telling her about this... should I? Let's have those earplugs ready at my side. Better be safe than sorry.

Quoting my lecturer/surgeon, Mr. Zaidi Zakaria, "In business or even in anything, you can choose not to tell everything, but never lie. Kita tak boleh cakap semua benda sebab some things are better left unsaid" (lebih kurang begitulah ayatnya). Uh, terasa pedasnya ni, sebab kadang-kadang saya agak lurus bendul walaupun perangai saya begini. Too much honesty certainly isn't the best policy.

I'm so sleepy arghhhh help me but I really want to submit this case write-up today. Just to get the burden off my shoulder. Nanti payah nak assess function of accessory nerve atau check supraclavicular lymph nodes, kan dah satu hal.

My group members and I shall be having a long case examination for surgery. Hwarghhhh, I'm a wee bit nervous, but this anxiety usually peaks about a couple of hours before the actual exam. I wonder why I get extremely sleepy and lazy during exams. I wonder why caffeine has almost no effect on me (regarding sleeping habit of course). I can sleep 5 minutes after drinking two glasses of dark coffee. Notheng! Notteng!! (hello, Russell Peters)

Anyway, I didn't fast yesterday. Had diarrhoea after eating mi Ruski and drinking a glass of hazelnut white coffee. If you want to kill me slowly, you may infuse me with lactose-containing solution (but you'll have to bear my whines for a week lah). By noon, the colour was starting to drain off my skin and I started to experience palpitations. Rasa nak pitam sudah. But see, I had an episode of severe food poisoning before, during which my blood pressure dropped to 80/55mmHg and my heart was beating at the frequency of 140+/minute.

Rabu ni, selepas exam, saya mahu tidur dengan puas selepas entah berapa minggu tidur 3-4jam. Otak pun nak reput macam ni.

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