Monday, September 20, 2010

Was it just a dream?

It had been quite awhile since I feel sort of at lost as this.

I wish... what I had seen was true, but dreams may come true or they may stay as what they are meant to be - just a dream. Looking down at my feet, this spot I'm standing on... it has always been the same spot for so long already. How long shall I stay here, immovable, so stubbornly, but, just as any human, I have my insecure thoughts too. What if this, what if that, what ifs. There are a few areas I just don't dare to mess up such as religion and etc. (keeping them to myself, let's not rape our own privacy).

I am not at ease. Boy am I good at acting differently. Whatever it is, I'm not cancelling out my to-do-list much by doing this. Let's end it for good.

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