Monday, October 18, 2010


The only tone deaf person in the family, looooots of laugh! And he's getting vainer oh :D Well, I miss you, lil genius brother. No more sucking his money out to buy me movie tickets and popcorns in these six years to come. I'll have to wait till next raya to see him.

Ah ha, here's the legendary Dato' Dr Rosemi Salleh - the person who had taught us all so much in such a short time. And the rest are my group members :) You mess up with one of us, and you get all of us messing you up in return ;D We had gone through fights, happy and sad times, so many things together, and yet, here we are, still standing so strong... even against Dato's hilarious but cynical words :D I was unwell yesterday and I couldn't walk upright. So I decided to go to surau and lie there for awhile. Three of them called me. One of them asked me to go back to the hostel and get a good rest. Another one asked me whether I have woken up from sleep. Perhaps she thought I haven't came yet, and when she found out I wasn't feeling well and couldn't sit on a chair without slouching, she too asked me to get a rest. And when Prof. Ismail came to the lecture hall I received messages from them. Thank you, guys :)

Anyway, yesterday, Yiying taught me how to read a music manuscript while we were waiting for our turn to observe ceramic crown sinistering. It turned out that... it's not that complicated. Well there are a few incomprehensible rules, but yeah, it's alright.

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