Sunday, October 17, 2010

closer to me

Ayah called me today and that's very rare of him. I was wishing these few days he'd call me because my handphone credit had been going down the drain faster than Niagra Falls and he did :) Thank you, Allah. Ayah said to me that I know myself better and there's no use dealing with impossible people, without me complaining to him. He obviously know me better than everyone else. He said that I have been doing well so far and I should know better that I can do better. Again he said that Allah is the one who creates human and He alone has the ultimate power to change one's heart. Ayah asked me to send prayers for the good of others rather than condemning them or troubling my heart with unnecessary problems. This is the beauty of my MDD experience - Ayah and Umi are now more understanding than they were before. Ayah assured me that he knows how hard I've tried, that I don't need to tell him, that he can see it on his own. Umi said she misses me and said sorry for not coming to Kelantan for quite some time, although it had only been a month or so since she last came here. I miss having breakfast with them at Renaissance, when I stack my plate with so many food and they're sitting there, eating so little. But it's buffet! And I had ward rounds to attend after that. Speaking of which... I found club suites in Renaissance to be of terrible quality, considering that it used to be a five star hotel. No wonder they lost one :P I wish they'd revamp their rooms soon.

Well anyhoo, Ayah is planning to go to Aus to visit Wani next year and he asked me whether I want to come along, but, but, father... I don't have a holiday during that time T_T But it's okay, I'll work hard now and insya Allah, I'll get to go for vacations later :)

Speaking of which... I suddenly remember that I have a script to prepare for an event - Regional Biomaterial Scientific Meeting 2010 in conjunction with 8th Students Scientific Conference in Grand Riverview Hotel. I have heard a lot about this event since I was in first year, but... I haven't done an extensive research yet, only read about it a little since the tasks were distributed only a few days ago and life was busy before. So it's only a fortnight away, and hopefully all of us will do our best, well at least currently, we're all positively pumped up, especially since experts from Asian countries such as United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and etc. shall attend the event. And gosh... this is only my second time of emceeing an event, I was quite puzzled when they appointed me. May Allah assist me in this. Amin.

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