Saturday, October 2, 2010

dan bila esok

Dan Bila Esok by Sofaz cam best :D

I had to go against my words when I said I won't be coming home till Chinese New Year hols. Well, I can't argue against my parents' summon. Anyhoo, hey hey hey, my younger brother, Ahmad, now has his own blogsite! Woohoo~ But you know, knowing him, it's not surprising to find so many political stuff in his blog. Yawn, but that's Ayah's gene that got stuck in Along and him. Although I'm interested in administration stuff (but see I have interest in so many things), I think treating patients would be my priority, in the mean time.

Recently, someone said to me, "You should think positive of yourself", hwarghhh. I can't even get over this addiction towards ()!UE)(UE)!UE) how am I going to think more positive about myself? Well anyway, I have this tendency to expose my weakness to anyone new beforehand, the reason being I hate seeing anyone feeling disappointed because I might not meet their expectations... but I guess it's not a good habit. It's annoying in a way :P

Uhhh, rasa macam nak pergi tandas. Tapi... kucing di aras saya dah buat tandas tu jadi tandas dia pula. Kucing, kucing... bukan aku sengaja taknak bagi kau makan, tapi, kalau macam ni perangai kau... Turunlah bawah sana kalau nak melabur saham bumiputra. Kalau nak pakai tandas, flushlahhh. Speaking of which, I wonder what's wrong with a perfectly fine human being who does the same thing.

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