Friday, October 15, 2010


You know what, in the first place, it had been mine, do you get this? MINE. But you begged me to join it, you freaking BEGGED. And now you're trying to give me commands in my own territory? I'd gladly accept them if they're reasonable, but when most of us disagree with you, should I obey your commands? ZERO CS. Zero common sense. FYI, I already have new people I've been scouting for quite some time, since the day I started to get annoyed with your ridiculous demands and terrible attitude. And you know why a few others pulled out of your circle? You said they disobeyed whatever you said, but the fact is, you're a FREAKING DICTATOR. Just because I couldn't (note the past tense) find others to replace, doesn't mean I can never find one. In case you didn't know, I had found three potential people long long long time ago, but oh, hey, I said to myself, "He helped me with my MDD. He lent me a few stuff", so many times that I'm losing excuses to tolerate you any longer. At this rate, you're killing one of my biggest passions and you're gonna drag me down to that black hole of MDD. So I'm going to say this straight. I don't want to have a dictator who can't deviate even a tiny bit from his norm, a person who twists his words so frequently that I could almost swear you're Sam's son, deluded in your own idea of being in the limelight alone, and trapped in your own inferiority complex that you downgrade others just to make yourself feel better. You. Can. Kiss. My. ARSE. Now get the hell out of here.

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