Thursday, October 7, 2010

happiness 101

I don't think I'm the best person to talk about what one should do to achieve happiness, not when I had a history of... hm, you-know-what, but here's a few principles which I hold on in order to stay rational, sane, and more grateful with what I have.

Don't do anything simply for the sake of impressing people. The harder you try, the funnier you might look. Coolness comes on its own.

Don't make promises when you're at two extremes - very angry or very happy, unless of course you know you're mental is stable enough at making a decision - but this too may be a transient delusion for a person in that condition.

Don't think that we're in the worst position one can be. There's always, ALWAYS someone else who's struggling more than we do.

Don't keep pointing fingers at someone else. When you think time is always insufficient, think again - have you been wasting it? If you don't think so, then think whether you do any of these:
i. Take a long time between two activities, a.k.a hastening.
ii. Eat very slowly - if you're an inevitable slow-eater as I am, then shrink your meal portion when you can't afford wasting time.
iii. Sleep excessively - do you take naps? If you've already gotten enough 6 hours of sleep during night (f.y.i, the golden hours of sleep is only 6 and a half hour instead of public's misconception which is 8 hours. We're young adults, we're not freaking primary school students, for God's sake), then you don't need naps. You take one if you can afford it. If you can't, then don't.
iv. Make futile efforts which you yourself know very well it's... FUTILE - i.e You know you need to finish a work, and yet you keep turning on that laptop and try studying while the movie is playing. Now try to recall the previous 6 slides you have just read. If you can, then, once you've woken up from sleep the next day, try to recall it again. Sometimes, one might say that's how one may focus one's mind on the studies, but my theory is... that's how one comfort oneself that one understands every single alphabet or even symbol in that lecture note/article without actually giving much thought about it. In short, that is to SKIP the reality that one may memorise things easily, but to actually grasp a concept, that's the key to the whole article.
v. Layan blues - unless you know you can do something about those dilemmas.
vi. Stop ahemmmmmm hah!

Always remember that our parents didn't send us here merely for the sake of letting us enjoy ourselves. But they hope we'll bring back certificates. And yet, they sure hate seeing us ditching their teachings as well.

Oh well, whatever they are, I'm not going to say I do all these, but I try. Let us all try our best, together okay :)


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

What's stop ahemmm? =p

zahirah ardy said...

hee hee, u know what's that! don't have to make me tell the public HAHAHA! bukan sumbang mahram anyway ya.