Saturday, October 9, 2010

i want to pluck those keys right and check their mouth (Karnival Kampus 2010)

Salam and hello, everybody :) For those who will be in Kelantan from 14-16th October 2010, do come over to Universiti Sains Malaysia (Health Campus) because we're holding Karnival Kampus 2010 :) Stalls will be opened, only RM1 for a complete health check up with consultation :) Haunted house and Henna tattooing service will be available too. Performances will be held, and I shall be involved with one of them, to be specific, mine will be at 4pm, this Saturday. Free dental check-ups will be provided as well. I shall provide dental check-ups too, and my sesion will be at 2-4pm on Friday :) It'll be a busy weekend (not to mention that I have a long case exam for general medicine posting this week :P), but I hope it'll be fun fun fun!

See you guys, there ^_^

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