Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oh noes

My roommate, Pang Khyun Lee, is having sore throat right now. So she's asleep. I slept excessively yesterday. I rarely sleep at other times except at night, and yet yesterday, I took naps in the afternoon and early evening. My forehead feels very warm. So it's fever fiesta this time. It's blazing hot in noon and it gets very cold during night. It feels like I'm living in Sahara. No wonder everyone's falling ill. Even a postgraduate student who was in the same x-ray room as I was was having runny nose. Respiratory tract infection fiesta, everybody, let us all bathe in mucus flood weeeee~

I need to polish Mr Mikael this weekend. Too many dirts off a few people's hands stuck on him. My previous hunt for microfibre cloth ended with zero result. Aiyo.

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