Sunday, October 3, 2010

oh oh oh

"You orang pertama yang suka Dato', haha", Yenyen laughed. Well, he's not that mean, in fact I think he's the most hilarious lecturer so far. Well, let's recall some of the incidents we had with him.

We had a seminar titled Stroke which was supervised by Dato'. "Okay, okay, you stop there", he said as Yiying was about to present on the investigation part. "How do you... differentiate between... cerebral infarct and increased intracranial pressure?". Student by student was called out but all looked down, too scared to answer although most of them knew it, and someone answered, "Neck stiffness", but isn't that somehow right? I mean, it occurs in subarachnoid haemorrhage, but knowing Dato', he prefers you to explain your answer straight away or he'll discard it. "RUBBISH! You don't even know what you're talking about. Rubbish. Everything rubbish. So many rubbish everywhere". Then he called out Naimah's name. "Shahidatul Naimah". "Saya", Naimah answered. "Another rubbish? I hope not". It's not that I disrespect him, but every provoking word he says have never failed to make me laugh, but of course, I had to restrain myself by pinching my nose and covering my mouth as tight as I can. Air mata bertakung-takung dah, but this time, that's it. I can't hold it any longer, so I let out a laugh, and surprisingly everybody else laughed along, EVEN DATO' HIMSELF! Tension's gone!! - as Russell Peters says it.

And I can't help but to laugh whenever he says those, "My God... what are you talking about", "You confuse yourself", "Very bad. Very bad", "You are all confused", especially when my groupmate, Teh Thian Ngee, opened the wrong door to enter the seminar room. See, this room has two doors, but one of them is blocked with chairs. He mistakenly opened that one. "What's wrong with you?". "Don't go out and in the wrong door. You are confused. You need a mental examination", but he's face was expressionless and that made everything more hilarious! So, yeah, he's not mean after all, is he? He teaches us a lot, especially in medicine fields when a number of others don't. Thank you, Dato' :)

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