Wednesday, October 6, 2010

open it

Oh hey, here's my surgical wound :D My second molar looks healthy after being freed from the pushy wisdom tooth. I'm looking forward to brushing it now that I can gain access to its distal surface ^_^ Please pardon my extensively filled first molar, it became carious when I was fourteen. Oh what to do, I was too innocent to be true :P


My right lower jaw is slightly swollen and today my speech was slurred because I had to avoid having my tongue grazing against the wound. But the swelling signifies that healing process is taking place :) I did think of wearing tudung bawal today instead of my usual shawl, sadly....... I think I have discarded all my tudung bawal T_T Even my patient laughed at my swollen jaw. Well, at least she laughed instead of frowning. Dato' laughed at me too. As usual, he was nagging at us and laughed in the end, and I forgot about my wound and followed suit until a sharp pain slapped me back to my senses. So I had to excuse myself for awhile and when I came back, I forgot that he usually sits in front of the door and I swung it quite hard, knocked him off a bit. I heard people laughing from inside and saw his shocked but still smiling facial expression. "What's wrong with you? Ha? Restless leg syndrome?", he laughed. Sejak bila pula saya ada restless leg syndrome ni. Tidur pun kaku ja badan.

But today, something disappointing had taken place. Sir, as I had said numerous times before. This is how our curriculum go. Do help us at this. We need as much help as we can get :( But I believe things happen at least for a reason. It's okay :)

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