Monday, October 4, 2010

quote of the day

Today, Yeap and Yasmin presented a seminar about Bloodborne Diseases. Yeap accidently pronounced leukoplakia as "Lukopakkia" and he attempted to pronounce it correctly a few times after that. "Luko, liiiuko, leukoplakkia". "What?", Dato' called out. "What did you say? What's wrong with you? Go get your tongue a Botox". Perhaps he was pointing out that Yeap had some sort of tongue paralysis. And while all of us were thinking of the answer to his question which was, "What's the difference between treatment of Hepatitis C and B?", until he called out, "Nur Azizah". "Ha? Dato', what did you ask me?", Jijah asked back. Habis la lu, here it comes, I said to myself. "ARE YOU DREAMING? You sakit jiwa takpe, jangan I sakit hati okay haha", and we all laughed along with him XD But Jijah answered well later :D Congrats, girllll!

Anyway, Dr Hisham shall perform a minor oral surgery on me tomorrow. I'm super nervous, I think my heart's gonna jump out of its pericardial sac! Alright, let me be frank, what I am most worried of is actually... how would it be not to be able to feel a part of your face? It's like... I'm totally losing control. Hwarrrrghhhh, (gets sucked into a nebula).

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