Sunday, October 31, 2010

the very packed and eventful week, victory of Kelantan, monsoon season, and fever

So this very eventful week is about to pass in just a few hours time. A really memorable one indeed :)

The first one will be about Regional (Asia) Biomaterial Scientific Meeting 2010 (RBSM) in conjunction with 8th Student Scientific Conference (SSC). Frankly, my heart felt as if it was about to burst when my phase coordinator, Dr Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, said to me three days before the event itself, "EH! You're not hosting for SSC! You're hosting for RBSM you tahu tak? SSC is considered as a part of this RBSM", because during previous briefing, they told me I would be the emcee for SSC only. From the original script my emcee partner, Yenyen, and I prepared, I honestly think only 30% of it was retained in the end. It was changed so many times with last minute changes, and I thought we would collapse in front of the crowd when there were so many glitches during the event. The Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hj. Abdul Rashid Hj. Ismail, was so very kind to back us up as we mistakenly announced the VIP who was supposed to give the closing speech (there were incongruence between the event schedule we received and the programme book he received). Nevertheless, when the chairperson of RBSM2010, Prof. Ismail Abdul Rahman came to see us and said, "You did a good job" and, "Saya sayang sangat diorang berdua ni, penyelamat keadaan", we couldn't help but to smile as we were exiting Grand Riverview Hotel. Thank you, Dean, Prof. Ismail, Dr Noorliza Mastura (head of Protocol committee, also phase II coordinator), Dr Wan Zaripah, Cik Suhaila (secretariat), TAVA staffs, Yenyen (for being such a helpful and cooperative emcee partner, and everyone else who was involved.

p/s: We were in frenzy when the Dean kissed Dr Noorliza's (his wife) forehead as she went on the stage to receive an award together with her mentee. Dr Noorliza's blushed so badly! :) And I blushed too when the head of RBSM judges, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azizah Yusoff said, "Thank you, Z", as she was about to present a report on RBSM on stage. Segan bila peserta RBSM dan SSC tergelak.

Then come the next event which was held on the same day - Dental Intervarsity Sports night. I was told by Iqbal - the person in-charge of performance for this event, that I had to perform six days before the event itself and I'm already handful with my endodontic project as well as RBSM. By the time I found out about it, I was still struggling with my five teeth to finish. Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah, this time, I had great and hard-working people to work with. Apart from my band, there was second year band performing too and I was amazed with their talent. Truth to be told, I was searching for new talents to pass any offer to perform to. So I was searching among health sciences and medical students, and hey, they turned out to be hidden among dental students ourselves! Yay! So I borrowed the cellist (Sarah) and drummer (Mike), both very talented and committed, and together with Hazwan, Anam, and Yiying, we performed Pergi by Aizat, Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat, and Bila Cinta by Gio and it went fine :) The line-up for second year band was a vocalist (I didn't get her name T_T), Asyraf (rhythm guitarist), Ziyad (rhythm guitarist), Sarah (cellist), Syafiq (keyboardist), and Mike (drummer). Thank you, everyone :)

p/s: Do you believe me if I say I had a laptop by my side while I was performing? Haha, yes, I did and thanks, Anam, for informing the crowd my reasons beforehand. Saved me the embarrassment. And Dr. Ramizu Shaari (oral maxillofacial surgeon of my dental school) and Dr. Zaihan (deputy dean of academic for the school) were pointing at me, perhaps because I used a laptop T_T Uhhh, malu gua.

And just yesterday, Kelantan won Piala Malaysia (Malaysian Cup) for the very first time since it was held in 1921. Congratulations, Kelantan! And yayyy, the state government granted us all 'cuti peristiwa' for today (although Tok Guru Nik Aziz made a press statement that no holiday shall be granted even if Kelantan wins but a bonus will be given).

I am so relieved to find out that today is a holiday since right before yesterday's performance, my body temperature spiked. Truth is, I was expecting it. Especially now that musim tengkujuh (monsoon season) is here, it rains everyday and is quite cold all along Eastern Coast. For three weeks in a row, I slept at an average of 3-4 hours so that I can finish all my work in time. And for this week, whenever I finish with my dental work, I had to go for either band practice or RBSM rehearsal, every single day. Sambil ke hulu ke hilir angkat Mr Mikael dan Mr Frontman sebab saya tak bawa Mr. Gitaku ke Kelate. Finally I had a good ten hours of sleep yesterday :) Couldn't even recall my dream, Alhamdulillah.

Starting from tomorrow, we'll be entering dental clinic almost every day (and ward rounds for oral surgery posting) for specialty posting. May everything go as smoothly as possible, insya Allah.

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