Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wisdom comes with age.


nur said...

Does your wisdom include this?

If you feel that you are the master and the best at that something, and keep insisting that you are right and never wrong even though there are others that had pointed out your mistakes, then it's time for you to re-evaluate yourself. Takbur dan riak tak bawa awak ke puncak, but it will make you fall in the end. Muhasabah diri, dude, muhasabah diri.

(jumpa nie frm my friend's Facebook status, will nt reveal who)

zahirah ardy said...

Salam Nur :) Nope, wisdom does not include that. It includes accepting someone's terrible attitude for two years in a row. It includes being patient enough to accept whatever they bring to my face although yeah one of them had been living on my money quite some time ago, had been living on my teachings till today, n I wouldn't want to reveal whatever more. It includes trying to suppress the part of me which always go for perfection, hence I rarely accept faults unless they couldn't be corrected at all. It includes accepting someone when they couldn't accept their mistakes, but of course, you'll have to ask the opinion of a third party. Because at this rate, there are two more who got pissed off at them.

Dear nur, you don't have to reveal who that person is, although it's intriguing how one can say that I am 'riak dan takbur' because I don't purposely show off my talents, when I have quite a number. but nur, what you have to understand is, "The eyes see what the mind knows". You can say sorry to a person, but if the mind only knows hatred, it'll perceive it as, "Dia hanya mahu berlagak baik". But knowing this person, she'll come to her senses later. This had happened a few times, and I guess it's darah muda. Kita tak perlu melatah :) May Allah bless you.