Tuesday, November 16, 2010

balik rumah :D

Today, the roads of Kelate are so so so congested, I decided not to get something to eat. It was so congested that my mood to survey for new laptop was killed miserably. So many people were driving madly just now that I am currently, honestly, thinking of keeping a few bricks in my car, in case I feel like throwing one at them.

BUT! Alhamdulillah, I'm flying home tonight, insya Allah~~~ Sankyu Incik Hanif Genzo for picking me up today T_T My parents won't be home for 3 days :'( Which means I'll only see them for one and a half day. Anith's away for raya haji too. So I had to trouble this guy here. Sankyu T_T

Speaking of which, today, a jack-ass caused me to accidentally spurt out vulgar words when he came to me while I was drawing out some money in KB Mall. "Money or life", with a hand pointed to me. I thought my heart ran out of my mediastinum O_O! Then a few silly thoughts lingered, "Aik, aku draw RM50 je takkan itu pun nak rompak?", and, "Eh, apasal perompak ni kecek ore putih?". Then I found out that it's Mr. Akmal anak Affan. Memang terhambur perkataan-perkataan kesat. Adui... regrettable action.


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Luckily, you did not use your awesome fist of fate :p

zahirah ardy said...

hey! are you trying to insult this sack of gold hanging onto my arms! ngeh ngeh ngeh.