Monday, November 29, 2010

C sharp minor

Was it pleuritic chest pain? It wasn't easy to inspire. But this could be just another thought :P Or maybe a perception without a stimulus. Or... an unshakable belief?? I'm not making any sense now :P

So today, I met my prosthodontic patient again - a very nice lady (elegant too!) indeed. And she told me she's now 18 week-pregnant! Subhanallah, what a good news, but truth to be told, my heart felt like it crumbled into pieces when I read the message, because I had her bitewing and periapical x-ray taken a month ago, and that means, it was during her first trimester (X-ray is prohibited for the first trimester unless under special circumstances). So I couldn't help but to hesitate at congratulating her and enquired a lot about undergoing fetal scan, and praises to God, really, praises to God, she said she underwent all the investigations and her fetus is A-ok :') Yes, I did enquire her regarding her pregnancy status before 'shooting' (taking x-ray) her, but she didn't know she was pregnant before last raya haji. This somehow made me think of a radical solution - for all women of child-bearing age to undergo urine pregnancy test (UPT), but I think... this is somehow ridiculous and costly, not to mention, time consuming (the interval between registration and treatment times is recorded for some sort of quality assessment). Besides, the radiation exposure for diagnostic purposes (in this case, x-ray) is way lower than the line drawn to cause miscarriage or affect the fetus itself (as mentioned in Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure article by Dr Robert Brent, 2009). Anyway, I am very glad that I completed a number of treatment plans for her today :) Hopefully her baby will thrive (what a weird word to use, but I know not of other more appropriate word, hoho). Alhamdulillah.

I'm in love with this course, undoubtedly. Just look at my previous posts. You're somewhat right, Mr. Paan :P

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