Friday, November 12, 2010

enjoy the victory :)

The day I made that decision, so many things bombarded my mind. Will they get mad at me? Will they think it's purely due to personal reasons? Will they learn their lessons? Will my studies improve? And most importantly - will I get to find replacements who have great chemistry with me? Although I was somehow disappointed with how things progressed initially, of course, so many more amazing things were waiting for behind that veil. And this time, this very second, I learned that that step I took was not a mistake. Not a mistake at all. And these great talented people are my price for victory - my reward for bearing with ridiculous stuff :)

Right after RBSM, Yiying and I rushed back to USM since we had a performance to make that night. So the line-up was initially Hazwan, Yiying, Anam, and I only, but later as we watched a band made up of second year medical and dental students practising in front of us and I was very sure most of them are able to learn new notes fast, I requested the cellist and drummer to play along with us, and they agreed! :D So we performed three songs altogether - Bila Cinta by Gio, Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat, and Pergi by Aizat. For Lucky, the are glitches here and there for the first chorus. Since I haven't had any good rest for a month (not even during weekends) and slept for three hours everyday so that I can study for ward rounds and clinical sessions as well as finishing other assignments in time (but yeah, I am always fashionably late bahaha, but I want to improve this, I really mean it T_T), right after RBSM, my body temperature spiked and my throat was blaring with inflammation. Yaddah yaddah yaddah, here are the videos. Special thanks to my pal, Beh Yewhin for recording these videos for us :)

And this is the second year band that I was talking about, witness their talent for yourself! The line-up was Jiaming (vox), Asyraf (guitarist), Ziyad (guitarist), Sarah (cellist), Syafiq (keyboardist), and Mike (drummer). They performed Angel Theme (from the drama series) and 21 Guns by Greenday :)

Today is Friday and it's yasumidesu! But why am I lazing around, I'm supposed to change my bedsheet. It's there for a week already :P Nanti gatal badan baru nak bising.

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