Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hand tremor

I love my hands. It USED to be very stable, has very very minimal tremor... until today T_T So I did my first mandibular (lower jaw) tooth extraction today. Thanks to the pretty boy, Yueming, who mocked me when I successfully blocked my partner's nerves but almost failed to target his next, I was excessively anxious to block my patient's inferior dental, lingual, and long buccal nerves (the nerves to be blocked/anaesthetise for extraction of teeth on lower jaw) today, but, "What the heck, just go on with it, Zahirah, you know the theory, did it once before, so why not now? Your patients aren't books, you know", I said to myself and Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah, I did it successfully today :) See, the failure rate of this type of nerve block is 15-20%, so I'm grateful that I haven't became a part of the statistic.

Today also marks my very first time of extracting a tooth without the help of my lecturer. Well... that's not 100% true :P I paused while extracting it as the tooth had extruded halfway because I got exhausted. I said to Prof. Sitthique, my supervisor for today, who's also an oral pathologist, "Prof., I think I am exhausted already, oh my God", my sweat was dribbling down my forehead and he took over for a few seconds until I took it back (because I couldn't bear the feeling of having a lecturer doing my work. I want to learn my lesson) jumping up and down like a popping popcorn, "Aaaaaa, I want to do it, I want to do it, let me finish my extraction, please, Prof, pleeeease". Thank Allah he didn't look at me ridiculously or say anything such as, "Observe the expert first okay". He simply smiled and laughed at me, saying, "Haha, okay, as long as you don't fracture the tooth. The caries is large, and hopefully I don't end up finishing it for you". And yeah, I did okay, no tooth fracture :D But later, I noticed my right hand to tremble abnormally (and I never experienced this effect before). Uh... I hope the effect wears off soon. I didn't expect the patient's tooth to have such large roots. For that specific tooth, its roots are usually slightly more slender than those, but oh well - yet another experience gained :) I'm going to upload the picture tomorrow, insya Allah ^_^

Next week will be a busy one, no wonder I'm feeling somewhat restless. I have a partial/partial cobalt chrome denture design to show to Dr Aida Niza, my treatment plan for my paediatric patient to be approved by Dr Zuliani, and to see Dr Wan Zaripah to ask about last week's dental quiz. I can't believe I totally thought there's no dental quiz for last week. I feel like jumping off this window in front of me, but I worry I might induce an earthquake - if not a tsunami :P

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