Friday, November 5, 2010

hols hols T_T

Yesterday was a memorable one. Fourth year dental students from Indonesia came to our school for elective projects for a week and yesterday was their last day here. A few of us brought them to a tour around Kelantan, well you know what, I'm not really in the mood of babbling much about this. I'd rather upload the pictures instead, but the pics aren't here T_T Waiting for Yantie and Wian to upload them. Anyway one of them, Ika, and I were having a conversation about cars and I suddenly said, "Ora eneng uang loh", and silence followed suit. "Loh, kue iso ngomongei jowo?". Alamak, terlepas sudah. "Hee hee, dikit aja dong". Lama tak cakap Jawa dah sebab selalunya pembantu rumah saya, Kak Jannah, yang temankan :P

Lately, Kelantan has been having unanticipated holidays which I find inconvenient. First thing first, holidays means more clinical sessions to be cancelled. That also means more patients being put on hold. Next, it means losing profits. Uhhh, I wish the Kelantan royal family will be quick at confirming it and most importantly I wish there will be no hols this Sunday :P Besides, Raya Haji hols is just eleven days away.

Anyway, I have an appointment with Prof. Sitthique - the oral pathologist, this Monday regarding my midline submandibular mass. I hope it'll be nothing bad :P Oh yeah, Umi and Ayah are coming over tomorrow! That means ditching my room in Desasiswa Murni and off to Renaissance again tomorrow and the day after :D I need a break anyway (not in the means of hols this Sunday ya). And another thing... the 38th Asia-Pacific Dental Students Congress shall be held in Bangkok, Thailand, but words about USM drawing a quota on participation were passed among us. Harap-harap takda kuota. Alaaa, Dean, jangan le kedekut. Thailand je pun, bukannya Japan macam tahun lepas T_T

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