Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So yesterday I was on my to the dental polyclinic as usual, about to prepare my dental chair for paediatric dentistry session when I bumped into the dean in an elevator. Gave my diplomatic smile, keh keh, until he turned to me and said, "Ah ha, I read your blog"............................. I seriously thought the elevator had suddenly stopped functioning. "Seriously, Dr???", I gasped! "Yes, I was searching about something and I came across your blog. It was good, keep up the good work", he smiled. I had to struggle at restraining myself from pressing on the 'open door' button repeatedly. I honestly think I wrote lots of silly things here, although I doubt he had the time to read it much... especially posts related to him. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

A number of people posted in Facebook something about an increment in the price of Ron97 fuel - soon enough. Oh, man, not again!!! I obviously don't fill up Along's Kelisa tank with Ron97, but I do so when it comes to those Stream and Merc at home. Keringlah poket saya. Lepas ni kena mula diam-diam charge patient for treatment di poliklinik keh keh keh. Just kidding. Padahal sendiri mahu belajar :P

A few days ago, Wani wrote on my Facebook wall, "... and sorry asyik kacau kau. still not used to the fact that you're a doc who's busy with patients. -_-". Receiving text messages from her alone is enough to give me a boost for just any day, although I have to admit, I forget to reply back at times. Somehow I tend to enter my reply, then, something comes up and I automatically dump it into draft box. And her wall post reminds me of something too - how did I reach this point? MasyaAllah, thank You for Your limitless blessings. Truth to be told, sometimes thoughts such as, "I don't think I'm capable at doing this", or, "Am I ready for this?" swarm my mind, but if it's not now then when should it be? We can be demotivated at times, but just hold ourselves together and think of what's more important to us. We don't enter a university accepting zero responsibility and we live on others' money regardless how independent we think we are. So rather than drowning myself in miserable thoughts, I'd rather gain my strength and prepare myself better for the future. Ganbatte kudasai, minnasan to Zekkuchan!

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