Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It popped up in my mind out of the blue about my very first dentist (in my memory of course), so I Googled up about him. AND I FOUND HIM HAHAHAHAH! Back in those days, my maids were Hindustan movies junkies so I didn't have any option but to watch them as well. The main actors during that time were usually Amitabh Bachan, Govinda Krishna, Salman Khan, Anil Khan, and a few others and I have no idea who the actresses were. So this dentist who treated me resembled a lot like Govinda, that's why I can recall his face well LOL!!! Note the past tense though, because... oh man, time does change people, especially their physical appearance! Heh heh! What a random topic to write on.

As I had mentioned before, I was scheduled to consult Prof Sitthique, the visiting professor in my dental school as well as an oral pathologist, regarding my submandibular mass. Thank God, he said it's most probably a fibrosed lymph node secondary to previous respiratory tract infections. Hm, that came at no surprise since I get it every one or two months :P Alhamdulillah :) Speaking of which, earlier in the morning, I bumped into him while entering an elevator. He looked at me and smiled, "You're the one who... organised... who... emceed the event, right?", and since I respect him a lot I stuttered, "Ah.. y.. Ya, ya". Indeed as they said, the wiser a person is the more humble he/she shall be. And I find it intriguing that he asked whether I'm from Johore while we were waiting for Kak Nora, the staff nurse in charge in Klinik Pakar Pergigian USM to fill up my radiology request form. I usually get these, "Are you from Penang?", "Do you have some sort of Indian blood in you?", "Are you half Arab?", and yaddah yaddah, but never - "Are you from Johore?". Good guess, although I'm quite sure he didn't make a random guess. Indeed, Ayah is from Johore and Umi is from Singapore.

Speaking of clinics, I had paedodontic clinical session again. I think I performed very badly this time :( Frankly speaking, I didn't study for it this time. Gahhh I have gotten so lazy these couple of days! And Dr Zuliani Mahmood's (our paedodontist) somewhat gentle comments had really given me a boost, Alhamdulillah :) This habit of waiting for someone to actually poke me in the arse before acting should be abolished! Procrastination isn't something to be proud of ya, Zahirah. And I had to face the cranky staff nurse who was in charge of Dental Health Education room. I can't believe she scolded me for questioning about giving a complimentary toothbrush to my patient just because he's oral hygiene score is somewhat undesirable. When I asked Dr Zuliani regarding this, she was surprised. She said it shouldn't have been that way. I feel like getting back to the nurse, but oh well... no good will come out of it :P I'd rather see Kak Nora and just buy one for my patient (f.y.i, to USM students, you can get dental hygiene-related equipments at KPP at very very cheap prices). Leceh betul kerenah birokrasi begini.

Nonetheless, I am very grateful to have such a nice little boy as a patient. I look forward to seeing him again after raya haji holiday :)

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