Wednesday, December 15, 2010

... and you said you want to be a dentist??

Your so-called 'intelligent arguments' are just a few mumbo jumbos made up of unintelligent guesses. You always ask abundant questions which could easily be answered if you bothered to use just a few more percent of that ignorant brain of yours. You consume others' time, you have no idea how much they'd like to kick you out of the group. You just shrug when someone points out your mistake, or even worse, you sometime dismisses others' reminders whenever you do any mistake. Trust us, we're not cheated by all your hypocritical cover-ups. Some said one's true self may be seen when one is sleeping - indeed, your true self is a violent ignorant prick. You even have the nerve to argue back rudely against lecturers' teachings. Who do you think you are? You don't even have 'Dr.' written in front of your name legally yet, and you think you're brilliant enough? For God's sake, dude... you pull an old man's body to lie back when that person was coughing so badly because he's choking, just so you can finish restoring his teeth... or hold on, were you trying to avoid your etching or bonding from being contaminated with saliva? Well, sorry, you just gotta repeat it again, no excuse to kill your patient, nonetheless. You're not even practising safely and you said you want to be a dentist? If you don't change your attitude and kill that huge ignorant ego of yours, think of another job to get instead of graduating as a dangerous dentist. You know... those lecturers are watching us like eagles, don't think you can cheat your way through.


noridayatul aizan yusof said...

hahaha.tau xpe.aku tension kowt kalo dia dh start hold dr..mcm dr tu mmg khas utk dia sekor.lgsung x pk org laen.

zahirah ardy said...

yaaa, kebetulan partner aku pny session slalu coincide dgn dia. aku slalu rasa kesian ja, tak dapek nak buat apa2. oh yaaa Aizannn aku tatau kau ada blog~~~ permisi, bu', mau diletak link ke blog kau :D

noridayatul aizan yusof said...

oowhh beres aja dong!