Saturday, December 4, 2010

the batch shirt after two years of anticipation

I've been busy for the last two days, designing shirt for my batch. Truth to be told, my coursemate, Foo Chay Siang, and I started working on the design about a year ago and as usual, I forgot... and forgot... and forgot... till today, to finally complete the design. It'll be a collared one and that Chinese character was actually drawn by Foo himself and digitalised by me. Quite a decent work, if you ask me wahahah! I wonder if I can have 'PERIO' written below that periodontal probe (the instrument imprinted at the back) and have Dr Akram Hassan, our periodontist sponsoring us. He did say he'll sponsor us if we do so hee hee. Surprisingly enough, I visited three t-shirt printing shops and none of them has grey coloured shirts T_T This isn't going as smoothly as I expected it to be. Well then, I shall head to Rantau Panjang to search for them. Hopefully the result will be a positive one... now that even the price of Ron95 is up by 10cents. It's like feeding the car with GOLD! Ho jeah.

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