Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cool kan benda ni?

It's four o'clock in the morning and I'm still wide awake, playing around with Yearbookyourself. I wish the internet line can be this fast even during other times. Once the clock strikes 11am, the line will be hit by internet retardation syndrome.

Haa, in about 29 hours, class will start once again. Last week was quite rough. By next oral surgery, my requirement for tooth extractions should be completed, insya Allah :) That's why I said last week was quite rough. I really need to start practising proper mechanics of tooth extraction. I'm using my wrist too much :P

This weekend was almost completely wasted with reading shoujo comics ~(=v=)~ Ngeeeee, I LOVE Manga Fox. Mathisa Yuu's drawing is pretty! So does Sakurada Hina's (*v*) You see, this is the problem I'll experience whenever I get overdosed with Japanese mangas or animes - I'll start using emoticons excessively in my texts. Gyaaaa, I so so so want to visit Japannnnn!

Umi and Ayah has granted me permission to go on one condition - I'll have to get a friend to accompany me which is the most problematic issue here. Who'd want to spend almost ten grands just for a few days? Oh man... So I guess I'll just wait till I become a certified dentist and perhaps a specialist, but uhm... I don't think I'm willing to wait six more years before visiting that country. Bersiap sedia untuk berjimat... tapi... saya... taklah... bijak berjimat sangat. Uh -_-" Learn, Zahirah! LEARN!!! Eh, kejap... Umi dan Ayah kan dah kata nak sponsor gua pergi sana. TEE HEEE HEEE, but I think they might change their mind once I've graduated (insya Allah) because Ayah will officially become a pensioner this 30th December, hence the need to save my money soon. Only God knows how excited he is about this. Hahaha. Nonetheless, I admire this character of his - once you accept a job, you do it properly until you've completed the task. I hate people who do things merely for the sake of fun and as the Malay saying goes, "Asal cukup syarat". Not good at all. Well you can play around, but give your best shot at everything. The satisfaction is worth it, no kidding.

Two days ago I had a rather strange dream, but I'm not immersed in melancholy enough to talk about it now :P

Innalillah, my condolences for Naimah and her family. Her father passed away on Thursday. As I had said when we started fourth year together - we'll help you through thick and thin, but there's no use babbling much here. I'd rather convey my words directly to her. Let us all send our prayers and Al-Fatihah for her father as well as all muslims be them deceased or alive. May Allah repay you. I hope she'll stand as strong as she always do. She did undergo so many tests these couple of years, very patiently.

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