Monday, December 27, 2010

hush now

It was surprising to see how distraught you appeared to be today. I wish you would tell me the reason of it - what's troubling you? But knowing you for a few years already, you will never splurt out that kind of stuff. And I wonder why am I feeling this despicable resentment - am I not good enough as a friend that you wouldn't tell your problems? Your face was flushed, your conjunctivae appeared congested, and your eyes looked abnormally glassy. Yeah, you always have that sparkle not many are privileged to have, but today they seemed to be telling a whole different story. I want to see you smile again, your usual sarcastic, sadistic self. Smile, friend. "Remember, I am the good person, the good man here okay?", you said to me and I need this 'good man' to make a comeback soon enough. Come on, I've been trying to beat you all this time, don't give up, man!

Yokunai kimochi ne? :(

Everyone seemed exhausted after today's clinical session. I hope tonight will be great for everyone, including me. Amin.

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Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

To make someone spill the beans, hypnosis sounds like a good way :)