Friday, December 10, 2010

the roach is dead

The internet is depressingly slow. Might as well resume my 80% completed presentation entitled Dental Health Education for Medical Nurses on Oral Health Importance and write this later, but hwarghhh, the stomach wall is too extended due to excessive gastric content. Serotonin is overflowing my nerves, I feel too sleepy for any activity requiring even a mediocre focus level. So let's just get on with this :P

Incik Zulhelmie and Wani recently said my blog's always about dental stuff. Come to think of it... True that, true that. I can't help it since I even barely get the time to have a decent lunch, what more if I talk about leisure times. Not exactly true, since...

Firstly, I haven't written much about previous raya haji holiday, have I? I got to hang out and sleep over Syawa's house along with Jaja :) Ate at a Korean restaurant named... I can't recall its name, gomennasai! But we all particularly liked its unique ambience, but the food is just... Let's just say, Korean food is not for me, except for the pancakes. So all the best, Quiwan, who nailed a job in Korea (congratulations!!). Speaking of which... the three of us used to be cashiers in Parkson Subang Parade and we're all doing medicine and dentistry now. And there were a few customers who were unacceptably impolite to us. I can still remember their faces and I wonder if they might one day be one of my patients, and if that happens... HEE HEE HEE.

Next is watching Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part I movie with Mel! Frankly, I'm not much of a HP movie fan. They just deviate too much from the novel series!! Perhaps because they broke The Deathly Hallows into two parts, hence, less need to cut this and that chapter, and finally, a HP movie that's worth watching. Didn't get to meet Anith during that hols - which I find weird. See, once I'm in USM, I'll almost totally detach myself from Subang Jaya. So if I didn't get to see her during that hols, I might not even contact her until my next hols... but what a horrible friend I am if I do so. Anith, how are you?

And quite recently, my coursemates and I celebrated Jijah's birthday in Restoran Arafah. USM's coolest oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Shaifulizan Abdul Rahman and our outstandingly dedicated DSA, Mr Haryadi, sponsored part of it :) This is one of the reasons I am very glad and grateful to be part of USM Dental School of Sciences. Happy belated birthday, Jijah and Nur Ain Shafiyah Md Ghazali. May both of you be showered with blessings from Allah.

Next, Rias, also a coursemate from a different university - UMS, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, have uploaded our photos during previous tour around Kelantan.

And today, Poisze, Yiying, and I went to KB Mall for lunch (they treated me to Daily Fresh waffle and Secret Recipe Appletiser yay, just for sending them to somewhere 5 minutes away from USM! Thank you, guys!) and we found out two new shops are now open which are Brands Outlet and PDI. Two shops to be opened soon are FOS and Hot & Roll (formerly known as Wrapz)!!!

Oh hey, a cockroach had just entered my room just now. My buddy senior, Alia, killed it gloriously.

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