Wednesday, December 22, 2010

left or right?

"Kau ni skemalah", "Tak payah lurus bendul, buat cenggini je", and so on... So many of them, they just lead to one core message - don't be too naive and white lies are okay. I have my reasons for being somewhat too honest at times. Firstly, of course, our Creator. Then there are other accessory reasons, but I would by lying if I say these are my sole reasons. Somehow, everytime I try cheating my way through something, I will either get caught red-handed or end up with something so horrible and terrible, I can never forget them, even when Alzheimer hits me (this is a lie). I'll go through a few incidents.

The first time I tried to skip my religious school - Ayah's friend informed him (kaki repot, booooo!) and I ended up getting beaten by him.

The first time I left the house without picking up dry clothes (I initially intended to come home before Umi did), it rained so heavily and I was stuck in Sunway Pyramid. Itu zaman naik teksi daaa, tak senang nak balik. I got walloped again.

The first time I tried to sneak out of my school just to buy a can of Gatorade (Gatorade... of all drinks :P), my discipline ustaz saw me and he chased me so hard, I had to flee to Subang Parade (which was about 50meters away).

The first time I let my hamster out and slept without putting him back into his cage, arwah Mikay hilang untuk seminggu. Alhamdulillah jumpa kembali tapi dia jadi slim.

And today, the first time I skipped taking a PA radiograph of my patient's tooth when it was highly indicated, I ended up with a fractured tooth (due to very extensive caries), even the lecturer in charge couldn't extract it out via close extraction. The extraction had to be done by minor oral surgery. I should be extremely grateful since it's my first time skipping such important investigation and the periapical abscess was very very small and my block anaesthesia was successful (block anaesthesia may fail in the presence of abscess), instead of getting an ankylosed tooth case as my friend had experienced. But still, as Umi had said, "You always choose the hard way to learn your lessons", indeed, I learned it this time the hard way again. Nonetheless, I should kill this habit once and for all (if I can avoid it). Pesakit ialah manusia. Manusia seperti aku. Ada nyawa, ada perasaan, ada macam-macam lagi. Hari ini, Zahirah, kau sudah melanggar etika-etika yang selama ini kau hormati dan hukuman ini sememangnya layak bagi kau. I will not repeat such mistake anymore :'(

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