Monday, December 20, 2010

nauseated (warning - dental and medical jargons ahead!)

I'm not sure what's got into me - either it's a friend's influence or something else, but Sims 3 became my addiction these days, and the worst part of it is I woke up at 10.30am today because I played this darn game till 4.30am! And I missed Prof Sittheeque's oral pathology clinic T_T I feel like doing myself a favour by undergoing electroconvulsive therapy, perhaps I can change my way of thinking briefly, arghhhhhhhhh!! But thank God, I got to the dental school just in time to attend Dr Noor Hayati Abdul Razak's (oral maxillofacial surgeon) clinical session. The thing about missing Prof Sittheeque's clinical session is - he's leaving by end of January since he is currently here as a visiting professor. So I should try my best to learn as much as possible from him, but hey, there I was, dozing off to a stupid dream, letting all those knowledge slip out of my hands just like that! I am very disappointed with myself :'(

AH! There's no use crying over spilled milk, I'll have to put the glass in a covered unbreakable container in a safe position next time. Sims 3 may now be dumped into the recycle bin (nahhh, I'm just kidding. Fiza will kill me if I do so). Tomorrow, there'll be an interesting case in dental operation theater (OT) - open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) of mandible on a patient whom was clerked two days ago, to be performed by Dr Abdullah Pohchi, also our oral maxillofacial surgeon. I wish I can observe the procedure, especially since I have prepared myself a little bit on this for today's ORIF (different case), but a few people kept me busy and I didn't have the heart to just ditch them and dash to OT, so it was already wound suture as I arrived there (near its end already sob...). Again, :'( I even have to pass tomorrow's ORIF since my tooth extraction session shall be tomorrow morning. Dr Abdullah offered me to assist him during tomorrow's procedure, but I didn't have the balls and I've never heard of any senior assisting in the OT during fourth year, so to cut things short, I chickened out. Besides, I have to extract my patient's teeth tomorrow morning, two of them, with super-large caries, it might be a complicated extraction and I had never encountered any complicated extraction case before. Might as well do everything as quickly as possible and run to OT. Oh well... Rushing through everything might not be a good idea.

Nonetheless, this heart is jumping out of joy after doing three tooth extractions yesterday plus a number more during previous oral surgery week. Which means, I have only five requirements for tooth extraction left to be completed by end of fourth year (June 2011) :) Alhamdulillah. But, it took me quite some time yesterday. I began the procedure at 3.00pm and finished at 4.20pm. Which means, I took one hour and 20 minutes to complete three of them, and I really didn't intend to make it such a lengthy procedure since my patient was in her mid 70s. And she was a very nice lady. The head department of oral maxillofacial surgery of Hospital Kota Bharu, Dato' Dr Rushdi invited us to come to his department if ever we feel like practising tooth extractions. How kind of him :) I hope I can fulfill my requirements as soon as possible and practise a few more skills there. Amin.

I read this on a notice sticking on a door in OT, 'Hanya 5 pelajar dibenarkan berada dalam satu operation room pada satu masa'. Surprisingly, yesterday, a person decided to be such a pain in our arses and chased us out from an operation room. "Saya nak dua orang je kat sini. Yang lain keluar", she said loudly. Every personnel in the OT was looking at us. BIG DEAL! Even the specialist, Dr Sarliza Yasmin Sanusi, and the sister in charge, didn't say anything. Is there anything wrong with reminding us politely? We are undergraduates, you don't need to remind us about that, but that is not an excuse for your rudeness. Have some respect towards others, dude.

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