Thursday, December 16, 2010

toilet visit

Hm... I'm now seriously considering removing my fibrosed submandibular lymph node. Everytime I get upper respiratory tract infection it grows and stop and that size. Later it'll grow again. And again... and again... (~_~) (muka bosan). Saya ni lemak tak sikit mana (kih kih kih), my double chin doesn't need to be made more obvious. Yiying kata, "Takpelah, nanti jadi triple chin". Hahahahaaaa, kurang asam.

Another mind-bogging health issue - lactose-intolerance. Hari ini saya rasa macam nak tarik katil masuk tandas. I had vanilla ice blended this evening, so you can guess its consequences, can't you?

This morning I did two amalgam restorations - one deep caries management and another one just a simple 4.0mm depth cavity restoration. See, my patient came late, so I started treating her around 10.10am and I finished all restorations at 11.45am. Our clinical session is supposed to end at 12.30pm which means I had another 45minutes to do perhaps another restoration or two more easy ones. I requested to my lecturer, Dr Rabihah Alawi (our prosthodontist), to do perhaps just one more pit and fissure sealant (truth is, I could fit another two more), but, sob... she didn't allow me, because she has to monitor an examination at 1.00pm. She pointed out that having two done were good enough. Ahhhhhh, or else I could've filled another four requirements today. Oh, well, better not rush, isn't it? As long as I can keep up with this pace or maybe be faster in the future and I'll be okay, insya Allah. For tomorrow evening session, I'm planning to do full mouth scaling and a class I amalgam restoration. I suspect this will be yet another case of deep caries management. Might as well prepare a syringe with Scandonest 2%, for pharmacological behavioral management. Bunyi macam fancy, sebenarnya cuma inject bius untuk pesakit tak rasa sakit semasa tampalan dilakukan. Itu saja.

Anyway, I love reparative dentine. Why? Study more on it, son.

Yesterday, we had a knowledge development session with our endodontist, Dr Deepti Saini, who also happens to be one of the prettiest lecturers we have here, on Burs and Handpieces. I always love her lectures and I particularly agree with what she had said before starting with her lecture, "What I'm giving you are just guidelines. Don't be so rigid, okay? Do whatever you think is best and comfortable with". Besides, dentistry is a true hybrid of arts and science. Today, I applied her teachings as much as possible, with a few modifications here and there, and Alhamdulillah, everything improved tremendously. No kidding. And after her endodontic seminar, the previous deputy dean, Dr Zaihan Arifin, gave me 'G+' (U being unsatisfactory, and G means passing it. G is further devided to G-, G, and G+) for all of my pulp extirpations and canal shaping. Alhamdulillah. I can still remember Dr Deepti's gentle advice to me when I was in second year about restorations. Frankly, at that time I was somewhat envious when seeing others progressing easily and Dr Deepti was sitting by my side, observing my techniques. "I think Pickard's Manual of Operative Dentistry might help you", she said when I almost cried. So I borrowed one (until the loan was overdue for more than a couple of years and I had to pay almost a hundred bucks) from the library, but I honestly found the book hard to digest during that time, most probably because we weren't much exposed to minimal intervention (to give treatment as minimal as possible), and all I had in mind was 'Black Class I, II, III, IV, and bla bla bla' - the 'extension for prevention' rather than 'prevention from extending' concept. Therefore, I resorted to reading manuals the school gave us (good enough for a start, but not adequate). And as I started my fourth year, I thought of the book again because I was very worried of becoming a dangerous practitioner (and by this time, our lecturers are continuously emphasizing the importance of minimal intervention), and she was right. The book is superb! If you have the interest and effort, you'll discover the wonders. Beyond words, son. Thank you, Dr Deepti Saini. I hope you can join us in the clinics soon.


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

chin up ok :p

zahirah ardy said...

yeah aku tgh happy la ni masa tulis this entry, esp now that a good friend offered to remove my fibrosed lymph node for me. yayyyy~