Wednesday, January 19, 2011

aih, my stance is shaky - an emo day for me

Bury my head into the pillow.

Doc, you know what... I called my patient so many times today to enquire whether he'll attend the appointment, but there was no answer and in the end, he was late. I honestly thought he'd FTA again (failure to attend). I called and called and in the end, my phone credit hit RM0.01. Doc, you know what... I didn't ask for that spittoon to suddenly cause a racket - a mini 'fire-work' made up of very rusty and contaminated water even without provocation. We complained about it so many times but everything was taken lightly, and now I had to pay the price. Doc, you know what... when I was trying to take my patient's periapical (PA) radiograph, there was already other patient in the x-ray room and I spent so much time waiting, but she was just a child. What could I expect? It's not as if we can hurry her much. Doc, you know what... I really tried to do intrapulpal anaesthesia after mandibular block and intraligament anaesthesia failed due to the abscess (abscess may neutralise the effects of anaesthesia), but his calculus was so thick, it even covered the pulp opening. Doc, you know what... I didn't expect my patient to be this uncooperative. But perhaps almost all smokers are stubborn, but it's prejudice to think so. Doc, you know what... I wanted to tell you that not all lecturers agree to permit prescription of radiograph without first presenting proper examination and diagnosis when you said, "You tak pandai manage patient lah!" in such a harsh tone. That's why I didn't take a PA radiograph beforehand. Doc, you know what... I don't take oral surgery easily, I mean this. It's what I'd want to major in insya Allah.

Finally, doc, you know what... I really wanted to punch your face at that time, but come to think of it now, I'd rather do it on my own face because I really think I was too ignorant. Doc, I am so sorry for what I had done today. I didn't mean them :'( I really didn't mean them.

I really don't feel like going to the lab for wire bending session. Yet another challenge to be faced by a dental student. Oh, Allah, grant me strength!

I don't understand a few things - why create a feedback form and ask us to fill it when later we're being condemned for doing so? "Benda kecil ni jadi isu besar tau", oh, how frequently it's being said. Well, then it's just another hypocritical move, isn't it?

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