Tuesday, January 11, 2011

kroni makaroni

I thought if I slept at 10pm I would wake up at 6am, but... why am I already awake now?? Gahhhh!

Speaking of this super-early morning topic - crony. So I've heard complaints from quite a number of students regarding a few frequently selected people privileged to join university activities (specifically under ahem ahem). Fun isn't it, splurging all our parents' money and also our scholarship (which was used to pay for our semester fee) for their own good. I don't mind if we have benefited a lot from these activities or perhaps from these people themselves, but... I can almost only see dust and specks of saliva coming from these sweet little mouths. Nothing but butt-kissing lies. Well whatever, if you choose to live that life... without guilt? Ngeh. You, who obviously can afford those holidays on your own, may eat up others' less-affordable and more deserving students' part as much as you want, but things don't go unpunished, bear that in mind.

The Asia Pacific Dental Student Association conference (APDSA) will be held this August in Bangkok. Apparently the dental school isn't sponsoring anyone except our representing speakers which means we'll have to fund ourselves (RM2-3k) and all of my batchmates backed out from the event. Umi granted me permission straight away, most probably because they went for so many vacations without me already (T_T), but... how am I going to enjoy it without any close companion? It was the same case as previous APDSA which was held in Tokyo. Same thing happened, Umi granted me RM7k, but I had no companehh. Anyway, I have already planned a vacation to Bandung with Jijah in July. Looking forward to lots of shopping! Thinking of Bali too, but Ayah despise that state. An obvious red light. Umi kata, "Carilah mana-mana negara awak nak pergi lagi. I'll pay but kena ada kawan temankanlah".

Who'd guess, Ayah, who is officially a pensioner now, went to Bandung a week ago (barely a fortnight after he pensioned) and is now planning to go to Egypt for a month, to visit Ahmad. He deserves this break :) I asked Umi and him to come and stay in Kelantan for a couple of months or so once Umi pensions, while I'm still studying here so that I can construct Umi a pair of partial dentures - a nice, stable, retentive, and long-lasting pair, or maybe a crown and bridge, but knowing them, they'd enjoy the new home first. Thinking of moving away - the time to say goodbye to Subang is quite near already. Subang has became too urban, too hectic, too packed with people who spend most of their time trying to impress others instead of achieving more meaningful bliss. I can't drive a day there without having my temper trampled on. And yet, half of my childhood friends are there. Just a few messages and all of us can easily gather, at any time (exception to me), anywhere, but that's almost a history already. Except for Syawa and I, the rest are already doing their practicals and shall officially graduate by this year, insya Allah. Everybody's busy gyaaaa! My turn will come next year insya Allah :) Currently, the clinical requirements are being filled at a satisfactory rate, considering I'm still in my fourth year. Let's go faster steadily instead of in chaos.

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