Sunday, January 23, 2011


Egao no tame no watashi no egao o gisei ni shimasu...

... means to sacrifice my smile for yours.

CHANGES. Which one of you isn't afraid of it?

As gently as the time sweeps through our strands of hair, just like the wind, bringing part of our old self with it. I look forward to it and I anticipate its aftermath, but what if the latter turns out contradictory to everything I imagine it'd be? But that's... that's the rule of life isn't it? We don't really know how things'd go even 1 millisecond preceding the actual event... and so I tell myself again and again, but here I am, silently weeping after their departure. Yes, they are here, but no... these aren't the same souls. Everything slowly evolves, from what seemed to be sincere company to friends with benefits.

This chest aches, not from your ignorance and neglect, rather it's out of uncertainties. Of what awaits us in the future. I silently chant, "Oh, Allah, grant me strength to face this. Oh, Allah, grant me patience. I seek refuge in You", and yet, I forgot about another thing. What if it's me who has changed? And still... my chest aches as I see you galloping towards them. My lips tremble every now and then as I put on this smiling mask. Be at peace, friend, I shall not trouble you with my boring stories.

Mugi-meshi de koi tsuru. To sacrifice a little for so much more.

We're parting ways, aren't we?

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